GIGP-43【G1】New Tale’s 新・テイルズ戦士 episode_03 (FHD ver.)

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GIGP-43 New Tales: New Tales Warrior -episode03- (FHD ver.)

mp4 |Size: 1.92 GB| Duration: 01:49:48| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Actress : Hono Wakamiya 若宮穂乃
Label : G1 Grand Prix
Charactor : Battle Suit
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Humiliation,Evil,Sailor,Underwear,Miniskirt,SM,Monsters,Orgy
Release date : 2023/12/08

The “Crystal People” are extraterrestrial beings. They plan to rebuild their home planet by stealing the Soul Crystal, the source of the Tales Warriors’ magical power, and making the power known as “magic” their own. The Soul Crystal synchronizes with the bodies of Tails Warriors, and bestows them with magical power and the ability to regenerate their bodies. However, by severely hurting his body and mind, the crystal link is forcibly broken. So far, the Water Warrior, the Gale Warrior, and the Flame Warrior have been sacrificed. In this work, the earth warrior Tales Gaia is the target. What fate awaits Tales Gaia, known as the strongest warrior… Will she be able to exact her revenge… [BAD END]





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