SPSA-91 悪の女宇宙人バーラ ヒーロー狩り (FHD ver.)

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SPSA-91 Evil Female Alien Burla: Hero Hunting (FHD ver.)

Actress : Sakura Tsukishima 月島さくら
Charactor : villan
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Evil,Monsters,Blowjob,Slut,Female doctor,FEMDOM
Release date : 2023/09/08

SPSA91_J1.mp4 |Size: 490.08 MB| Duration: 00:30:42| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
SPSA91_J2.mp4 |Size: 1020.61 MB| Duration: 01:04:10| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080

The conqueror, Burla the Krifo alien, who has discovered the existence of Captain Tsugumori, the true identity of the giant hero Altoras, disguises himself as a female doctor and appears before him for a medical checkup. Burla sexually stimulates him in an attempt to investigate his body. She discovers that his semen is ”Spernium,” a higher dimensional energy. However, Tsugumori, who recognized Burla as an alien, transformed himself into a giant with Altoras and confronted Burla! However, Altoras is underpowered due to the release of Spernium. He ejaculates many times, helpless to Burla’s lewd blame. Burla then transforms into a new form, Chaos Burla, with the power of the Spellnium she absorbed, and attacks Altoras even more violently. Burla then grows a male organ between her legs and toys Altoras as if he is like a maiden! Showing an overwhelming difference in character, she conquered Altoras both mentally and physically…Altoras is finally crucified…. [female executive’s HAPPY ENDING]





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