Tales From The UltraVerse

Tales From The UltraVerse

mp4 |Size: 349.38 MB| Duration: 00:22:28| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Circle : VV
Starring : Acquelyn Velvets, Kobe Lee, Arielle Lane , James Barbatus
Genre: US/EU,Action,Superheroine,Fighting,Humiliation,Forced

The Ultraverse is finally coming to Velvets Fantasy, and in true VF style, we’re doing a crossover! In this initial offering, we don’t just have one Ultragirl.we have THREE! Ultragirl 5122-C (Arielle Lane) and Ultragirl 886x1A (Kobe Lee) have been captured by some dastardly force. Their boots and belts have been removed.and without their belts, their powers are too diminished to allow for escape! But when Ultragirl GOLD arrives from another dimension, the hidden villain’s plans are put into disarray!
Ultragirl GOLD makes short work of the chains holding her doubles, and using her own deep wells of power, summons new belts from beyond! Now that they’ve got some measure of super power back, the three split up to find their tormentor and escape this strange reality. Unfortunately, the Ultragirls don’t realize that Sable Skull has already planned for this! He quickly puts them all out using UltraChloro, removing their belts and boots once more, and piling them together.
When all three wake, they find that they’ve been put into a devious HUMAN SIAMESE KNOT, a devilish body lock that causes every tiny movement to crush their bodies together.threatening to choke them and break their ribs!
Will the Ultragirls escape their nefarious captor, or is this the end for the Ultraverse?!




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