Stopping Time

Stopping Time

mp4 |Size: 359.81 MB| Duration: 00:23:10| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Circle : SHT
Actress : Adara Jordin
Genre: US/EU,Superheroine,Action,Humiliation,Bondage

Super Girl (played by Sexy Adara Jordin) is at a facility that store snake venom from all over the World. ENTER THAT TIME STOPPING VILLAIN, THE MINUTE MAN. He’s looking for the venom, that will fetch the best prices to sell on the Black Market. Super Girl finds him but he’s quick with his watch & he activates it. SHE IS FROZEN, STOPPED IN TIME. He tells her about all the valuable venom there. He also says he’s going to inject her with venom that will disrupt her entire nervous system. SHE IS INJECTED. He releases the time stop. Super Girl can’t defend herself as he gives her a beat down. HE GIVES HER A KO SLEEPHOLD, THEN HOGTIES HER. He tickles & fondles her, when she wakes. The Venom has robbed her of her super strength. He goes off to get more venom. SHE STRUGGLES IN HER BONDAGE. Finally she can feel her strength returning to her & she gets free. She finds him & throws his stop watch away. NOW HE GETS A BEAT DOWN. This Villain still has a dirty trick up his sleeve. He has another syringe. HE AGAIN INJECTS HER IN THE LEG. This venom will make & keep her tired. OFF TO DREAMLAND. He strips her naked. He gets behind her sexy ass & takes off his pants to give her a super fuck (implied). We see her body rock up & down. He finishes stealing what he wants. She is ball tied, something covers her face & it makes her dizzy. HE INJECTS HER WITH MORE VENOM. The same kind that disrupts her nervous system but it’s 3 times more than the last shot he gave her. He leaves as she mildly & feebly struggles. ( Nice close ups of her cute feet) We see her twist & gyrate but with no super strength, she’s not going anywhere. Finally she succumbs to the fumes & it’s lights out for her. SHE IS DEFEATED, USED & THE VILLAIN GOT CLEAN AWAY!!!




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