Harley Quinn Revenge on Wonder Woman

Harley Quinn Revenge on Wonder Woman

mp4 |Size: 310.37 MB| Duration: 00:19:57| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo| Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Starring: Lora Cross,Amber Shock
Genre: US/EU,Action,Wonder Woman,Harley Quinn,Fighting,Humiliation,Bondage,lezdom,lesbian,SM

Wonder Woman (played here by Lora Cross) has been on the tail of Harley Quinn (played by TG actress Amber Shock) for some time, and has thwarted many of the deranged villain’s plots. Unfortunately for Wonder Woman, Harley got the upper hand on her, and now, she has Wonder Woman in her house, her strength sapped, her arms tied above her head to stretch out her tight abs.
What is Wonder Woman to do as Harley gets her revenge? There isn’t much she CAN do, so she just has to endure it. Harley strips Wonder Woman’s outfit off, exposing her toned body. Harley uses clawed gloves up and down Wonder Woman’s body, makes her uncomfortable by eating her pussy, and oh yes, brings out the whips for some corporal punishment.
Can Wonder Woman stand up to Harley Quinn’s onslaught? Watch to find out!




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