Lewd Supervillain Victories: Lured by Villain Flunkies

Lewd Supervillain Victories: Lured by Villain Flunkies

mp4 |Size: 214.05 MB| Duration: 00:13:37| Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Circle : SB
Starring : Keely Rose , Bernard Sanchez
Genre: US/EU,Action,Fighting,Catwoman,Humiliation,Bondage

Two flunkies enter our stage, looking rather single-minded about their task they are to perform for their supervillain boss. As the henchmen hide, The Lady Bat enters (played with stunning, well, beauty by ravishing redhead Keely) and looks about and believes she will retrieve the missing women the tip said she’d find at this particular establishment. No such luck as she wonders what to do as the henchmen grab her. Handgagged and handcuffed, she is lasciviously groped before being bound to a chair. There she is taunted, fondled and eventually tapegagged. Then left to languish while they report their victory back to the boss. That costume is clearly a tad too tight (blame wardrobe for that!) and boy are those uh twin peaks of hers enticing. As she thrashes about we get to check it all out, but there’s more! The flunkies come to remove her top and bottom and she’s there all accessible to their greedy lustful groping. Left alone again for a while, she struggles and strains, now feeling even more vulnerable. The necessary closeups are mouthwatering visions of this bondage babe. When the evildoers return they tell her it’s time for more bondage as they untie her and feel her up as she is led off for more ‘softening’ up so that their boss will have a nice compliant superheroine for his pleasure!




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