Our Slave Girls Will Entertain Us

Our Slave Girls Will Entertain Us

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Circle : Mistress Scarlet
Genre: US/EU,Action,Humiliation,Evil,Lezdom,Lesbian,Candles

Mistress Scarlet is enjoying a glass of with Miss Roxy and their slave girls are serving them well.
Miss Roxy orders Mila to pour some more but afterwards she makes the mistake of sitting down at the table with the Mistresses. Mila has forgotten that her place is at Miss Roxy’s feet and slaves do not sit at the table. Miss Roxy throws Mila to the floor and spits on her face as she has embarrassed her.
Mistress Scarlet calls her slave girl, Bella, over to her side to give her a foot massage. Bella obediently kneels at her feet and massages her stockinged feet. Mistress Scarlet tells her that she is being trained to make her life better, that is the purpose of being her slave girl. Mistress Scarlet explains that Mila has embarrassed her Mistress and that she must spit on her too, much to the Mistresses amusement.
Miss Roxy tells Mila that there is a way that she can redeem herself for her previous misdemeanour, and she takes the candle from the table and dips the hot wax over Mila’s naked body.
Mistress Scarlet tells Bella that she will demonstrate her love for her, her Mistress, and is instructed to bend over the table. Mistress Scarlet lights a new candle and inserts it into Bella’s ass. Mila is told to go underneath her friend and catch the hot was that is dripping from the candle in Bella’s ass. Mila moans as the wax hits her naked body but she does not dare disappoint or embarrass her Mistress again.
We have transformed our slave girls into human candlesticks to entertain us.





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