Play Your Cards Right 4K

Play Your Cards Right 4K

mp4 |Size: 246.62 MB| Duration: 00:14:54| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 3840×2160
Circle : Mistress Scarlet
Genre: US/EU,Action,Humiliation,Evil,Lezdom,Lesbian,Slave,Trapon,Spanking,Flogging

Mistress Scarlet and Miss Roxy have decided to play a game with their slaves. They have laid cards out on the table and slave Mila and Bella each have to choose one. Whichever one they choose will decide their fate. Will they choose pleasure or pain?
Bella picks the Joker card and Mila chooses pleasure. Miss Roxy gives Slave Mila the option to swap cards. Will she choose to take pain so that her friend Bella can have the pleasure?
Mila says that she wishes to take the pain for her Mistress and so that her friend can have pleasure.
The Mistresses put the girls over the table and tie them together by their hands. While Miss Roxy gets out her flogger, Mistress Scarlets fastens her strapon.
While Mila continues to take the pain, Bella received pleasure from her Mistress. How long will the slaves hold out for each other?
The Mistresses will make sure the girls will kiss and make up at the end.





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