Wonder Karly: the Betrayal

Wonder Karly: the Betrayal

mp4 |Size: 478.11 MB| Duration: 00:25:42| Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Circle : Fierce Fems
Starring : Karly Salinas , Indica Jane
Genre: US/EU,Wonder Woman,Action,Humiliation,Lezdom,wrestling,Bondage
Release date : 2021

Karly plays Wonder Karly. She receives a video message from supervillain Professor Cyber that her Amazonian Sister, Indica is in captivity. The supervillain offers to free Indica if she convinces the Amazonian Sisters to stop intruding in his criminal enterprises. Karly is determined to save her friend. She manages to find Professor Cyber’s lair and finds a bound Indica. Wonder Karly frees her. Before they flee, Indica convinces Karly to stick and rekindle their romantic past. Karly is adamant the moment is not right but Indica persists. In the midst of the passionate build up, we learn that Indica’s insistence was just a stall tactic and ends up capturing Wonder Karly. We learn that Professor Cyber managed to flip Indica to his side, promising her unending wealth. Wonder Karly is now faced with the toughest fight of her life: against her former lover who is trying to get her to change sides. An epic battle begins between the two bombshell beauties.





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