A Wonder-ful Trick with Wonder VeVe Lane & Savannah Fox

A Wonder-ful Trick with Wonder VeVe Lane & Savannah Fox

mp4 |Size: 337.15 MB| Duration: 00:21:56| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Circle : DM
Starring: Wonder VeVe Lane , Savannah Fox
Genre: US/EU,Action,Wonder Woman,Fighting,Humiliation,Bondage,lezdom,lesbian

Wonder VeVe is stunned when Harley Savannah challenges her to a bondage wrestling match, promising no tricks and no traps, just a totally fair fight. The villainess must be mad (of course!), but how can VeVe pass up the chance to capture a dangerous criminal so easily?
The fight begins, and VeVe wrestles Savannah down even more easily than she expected…but while she’s occupied tying up the troublemaker’s ankles, Savannah sneaks the magic lasso from Wonder VeVe’s belt and ties it around her waist. Now she’s got the heroine completely helpless and under her control!
Savannah orders VeVe to untie her ankles and then to tie herself up. She even commands her captive to strap a ball gag in into her own mouth and then finish off the bind with the best, most inescapable knots she knows. Then, with VeVe squirming at her feet and grumbling indignantly through her gag, Savannah gloats and preens, plots and giggles, teases and threatens her new plaything with more humiliating fun to come…




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