Ruthless Guard’s Prison Full Series

Ruthless Guard’s Prison Full Series

P1.mp4 |Size: 594.07 MB| Duration: 00:39:00| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Starring : Suzie , Katherine
Genre: US/EU,Action,Humiliation,lezdom,Bondage,Spanking,Anal

Prisoner Suzie has been a naughty little bitch sneaking substances around and needs to be taught a lesson. More importantly, she needs to give a name of where she got them from. She’s a tough one with a masochistic side who craves punishment from beautiful women, but she’ll crack when prison guard Katherine Red is done with her. Notorious for being ruthless and her unconventional punishment methods, she takes her sweet time with Suzie, ruthlessly taunting her, slapping her face and tits, spitting on her, rubbing her pussy outside her pants to tease her, and making her gag on her fingers. No matter how bratty Suzie is, by the time Katherine is done with her, she will have her name. But again, she will take her sweet time with this pretty little treat, so there’s much more fun to go.
Silly little Suzie thinks she’s a tough little prisoner. She hasn’t caved yet and given a name for where she got her substances, but she will. Guard Katherine decides her tits need a bit more punishment before spinning her around and pulling down her pants to take a look at her endowed ass. Oh, she is going to have a lot of fun with this one! She takes her time spanking, humiliating, licking over the panties, before finally pulling them down to get a taste of her ass. This, is all for Katherine’s pleasure and nothing else of course! But, things need to be rough with this stubborn bitch of a prisoner, and a rough fingerbanging up the ass is in order!
The cruel prison guard Katherine Red is still not even close to done with poor prisoner suzie. She continues to taunt her, cane her, spank her, fingerfuck and eat her ass, pretty what anything she feels. Eventually she bends Suzie over a bench to continue her fun. All poor Suzie can do is whimper, but she still refuses to relent and give Katherine that name!
It’s onto the second day of poor prisoner Suzie’s punishment and she still hasn’t given up and told the cruel guard where she got the substances from. Katherine the guard walks in to taunt her more before getting right into it and commanding her to strip. Suzie has become very subservient at this point to Katherine’s commands. Without hesitation when Guard Katherine says strip, she strips. When Katherin tells her to lie on the floor and hump her boot, she does so immediately, When the guard tells her to lick her boots clean with her tongue, Suzie does in a heartbeat. And of course she doesn’t think twice when Katherine commands her to lick her ass. But of course, Suzie still won’t cave and tell Katherine a name.





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